COVID-19 — Accelerate Digital Transformation with CI/CD adoption!

Enterprises have recognized the dynamics of Digital Transformation many years ago. Where, many organizations were already in their transformation journeys when this unprecedented pandemic situation wedged the globe.

With so much of uncertainty as to when employees will be able to return to the office, as Work from Home has its own challenges such as network connectivity, security, coordination etc. Organizations are hastening to reexamine their Digital Transformation Road Map and exploring out the opportunities which will enable organizations to have a seamless transformation and mitigating such unmatched risks in future.

Companies who still lack with DevOps Adoption are stressed due to productivity and delivery issues. Companies are now gauging this global unforeseen event and expeditiously considering DevOps as part of their Cultural Shift to enhance productivity and faster delivery.

AWS DevOps Tool Chain

Empowering DevOps Through AWS

AWS delivers you large set of DevOps services that make DevOps Adoption journey unbroken than ever. Automate manual tasks, manage complex environments with high scalability and give due boost to your DevOps engineers, all possible with AWS service offerings.

AWS Code Star

AWS Code Star

• Quickly develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS with an AWS CodeStar project

• OOB support for creation of Project templates for Elastic Beanstalk — Php and Node.js for Lambda

• Each app will have an accompanying dashboard where you can track commits, builds, tests, and deploys.

• Empowers a Dashboard to manage resource, monitor application, performance, CI/CD Pipeline

  • Auto manages the applications language framework

AWS Code Pipeline

Every application you design and roll out has a long history behind it. There were business requirements initially, the reason the app needs to exist in the first place. There was a phase when you likely discussed the platform to run the app and how to manage it. Then the real work starts. Most applications go through three distinct phases to build, test, and deploy it.

As you can imagine, this process of app development involves some complexities not just in how you go through those phases but also in how you update the app for maintenance purposes. Known as the “code pipeline” it is a way to continuously deliver the code needed to run an app.

AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline is an Amazon cloud service that helps companies automate how this process works. By maintaining the code pipeline, companies can define the workflow behind how they go through the different phases of application development and also how they make infrastructure changes (something that can also be well — defined and automated).


Business requires fast delivery of new features like most of our clients, then you can help your teams go faster while also enhancing security and compliance by implementing CI/CD with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild. The plan will continue to evolve and organizations will continue their digital transformation journey.